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Woodall Batchelor PLLC is a Texas-based legal practice that is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their business objectives, whether that’s through litigation or transactional work. With over 40 years of combined experience, Dan Woodall and Charles Batchelor are among the top providers of legal services in and around The Woodlands, Houston, Montgomery County, Harris County and other nearby communities throughout Texas. Our law firm has business attorneys, insurance and subrogation attorneys, and real estate attorneys who have experience representing our clients interests. We strive to deliver in a variety of practice areas including real estate, construction, business law, labor and employment, and insurance coverage including defense and large loss subrogation.

At Woodall Batchelor, our team prides ourselves in providing sophisticated services you would expect from a large firm while also delivering the personalized customer experience of a smaller firm.  Simply put, we have exceptional attorneys that constantly strive to meet all your goals to ensure you receive maximized results. Our top lawyers provide you with the personal attention you deserve, combined with the frequent updates and prompt service you need. We are known for our accessibility and responsiveness, and we understand the value and complexity of each of our clients’ legal matters and the importance of delivering the best outcomes. Our business, insurance and real estate attorneys at Woodall Batchelor take the time to build solid relationships, and we always measure our success by achieving your objectives.


Woodall Batchelor is a small law firm located in The Woodlands, Texas offering personalized legal services.



We offer legal services for business, insurance, real estate, labor & employment, and oil, gas & energy law.



We serve clients in The Woodlands, Houston, and other nearby communities as well as clients throughout Texas.


Business Attorneys For Business Law and Contracts

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We are pleased to serve as your main source for business law and contracts in The Woodlands, providing general counsel for businesses of all sizes and industries. We have years of experience working with small to mid-size businesses who need help with business litigation and transactional work, including entity formation, vendor and supply contracts, and labor and employment issues. A solid relationship with experienced business counsel can be crucial to the survival of a business in the increasingly competitive and complex business environment.  At Woodall Batchelor PLLC, we work hard to be trusted partners with our business clients by providing them with the legal services they expect, coupled with the personalized attention they deserve.

We have counseled and advised clients who are just forming their first business, to business owners that have been in business for many years and hold multiple business interests. Our business attorneys can assist your company with the proper formation and entity choice to the sale, transfer, disposition or acquisition of business assets and interests. As your business operates, our business attorneys at Woodall Batchelor are there to provide the necessary legal advice, which allows you, the business owner, to make prudent and informed business decisions.


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Business Lawyers For Corporations, LLCs and Partnerships

From partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies, to sole proprietorships, joint ventures, and non-profit organizations, our attorneys at Woodall Batchelor can provide expert advice on legal business entities and investment structures for any business situation. The type of entity that is correct for your particular business is an important decision that should only be made after consulting an experienced professional. We have extensive experience in the formation, operation, and dissolution of various business entities, including sole proprietorships, corporations, LLCs, and partnerships. One of our business attorneys can help educate you regarding your options for forming such entities, the tax consequences of each, and exposure to liability from the entities.

At Woodall Batchelor, our business services do not end with business entity formation. We can help you get up and running with a range of legal services. If you are interested in raising capital through sale of an ownership stake, we have the experience to guide you through the transaction. We can also help you draft agreements between co-owners, such as shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and buy-sell agreements.

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Real Estate Attorneys

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In today’s market, real estate transactions require a sharp eye. The legal language can be confusing and complex.  Our Texas real estate attorneys at Woodall Batchelor will provide competent advice and consultation throughout your transaction. This will allow you to make smart and informed decisions. Our real estate attorneys are mindful of each deadline, each document, and each transaction. At Woodall Batchelor PLLC, our client list is varied and encompasses both individuals and businesses. We have successfully handled residential and commercial real estate matters for our clients. Our law firm focuses on providing the highest quality of legal services to our clients while doing our best not to jeopardize the transaction at hand. Our real estate attorneys have extensive experience working with small and mid-size companies primarily involved in commercial real estate, such as real estate developers and general contractors who need help with their real estate transactions. We’ve reviewed and drafted their documents needed to facilitate projects, and assisted with any labor and employment issues as well as construction litigation.

Challenges within both the commercial and residential real estate market can be significant and costly, but our team at Woodall Batchelor is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome in every situation. Because of our extensive experience with real estate matters, our firm is uniquely positioned to anticipate problems before they arise and to suggest solutions to save you time and money. Our real estate attorneys are fortunate enough to have built strong relationships with major title insurance companies, mortgage companies, real estate brokers and agents in The Woodlands area. You can trust that with our extensive experience, our real estate attorneys will efficiently and effectively represent your interests. Our team also understands the importance of turnaround time in a real estate transaction. Our commitment to you is to make your transaction, whether purchase, sale, or refinance, an enjoyable experience by providing comprehensive and quality legal representation.

Construction Litigation Attorneys

Whether it’s a multi-million dollar commercial construction project or a small residential remodeling job, our attorneys at Woodall Batchelor know how to be effective advocates. Major construction work is generally governed by AIA standard contracts, but there is often room for negotiation and redrafting clauses to project the client’s interest. Further, when disputes arise, you need someone familiar with the base contract to prosecute the case effectively. Whether you are an owner of commercial or residential property or a contractor or subcontractor, our attorneys can handle construction disputes throughout Texas, including before court and before arbitrators.

Our team understands the basics of construction law, including issues related to forming contracts, negotiating clauses to protect the parties, handling issues that arise during contract administration and changes in the work, dealing with partial payment as well as issues that may arise from complaints that the work is not being completed on time or in a proper fashion, and asserting and defending claims about defective performance and defective materials. We can also help with a wide range of other construction-related issues such as mediations, arbitration, litigation in state and federal courts, mechanic’s liens, defective constructive, liability insurance, permits, and zoning.

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Commercial Litigation Lawyers

woodall batchelor the woodlands commercial litigation attorneys

At Woodall Batchelor, we know litigation—and we have the experience to get you the results you deserve. When a business transaction starts to fall apart, that’s when you need a commercial litigation lawyer. You don’t want to compromise your legal position during negotiations and you must ensure a settlement that protects your rights. If the case does go to court, the attorneys at Woodall Batchelor are familiar with the various legal remedies such as injunction, money damages, punitive damages and attorney’s fees. We have experience in state, federal and small claims courts. We also understand alternate dispute resolution (ADR) approaches like mediation, arbitration and judicial settlement conferences. Our commercial litigation attorneys handle plaintiffs’ claims as well as defense of claims, including class action suits. We approach every case with confidence and focus on what’s best for the client. Through extensive research, gathering of evidence and preparation, our skilled litigators and mediators have produced successful results for countless clients.

We can litigate and arbitrate in all federal and state courts. From small claims to class actions, our attorneys have seen and done it all. At Woodall Batchelor, our business attorneys have strong industry knowledge and years of experience to help you navigate the complexities of commercial litigation, including situations involving breach of contract, partnership disputes, real estate disputes, shareholder disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, breach of confidentiality and non-competition provisions, and general employment disputes.

Insurance And Subrogation Attorneys

Our attorneys at Woodall Batchelor have extensive experience representing syndicates and insurance companies in the London Insurance Market. Most of our team has worked in London for Lloyd’s syndicates, giving us a unique perspective and understanding of the London Market. We advise and represent a wide spectrum of London Market Insurers in lines of business including property, casualty, professional and financial risks, directors and officers, catastrophic loss, cargo and specie, marine and energy, contingency and other insurance lines. We also look to provide these clients with insurance coverage opinions, defense of first and third party lawsuits and large loss subrogation.

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Labor And Employment Attorneys

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The employment relationship is one of the most important legal relationships for both businesses and workers. Employers and employees both have legal rights and responsibilities and are likely unfamiliar with all the employment laws that apply. That is where we come in. At Woodall Batchelor, our skilled employment and labor attorneys will listen to your concerns and suggest potential solutions. We have experience representing both employers and employees with concerns such as employer representation, workers’ compensation, employer compliance, non-compete agreements, minimum wage and overtime, employment discrimination and harassment, and unemployment claims and appeals. We also handle closely related issues such as wrongful termination claims. Our clients also include companies from a variety of industries, big and small, which need guidance in human relations and navigating the ever-changing landscape of the law in Texas. Our strength is that in representing clients on both sides of the law, we know how to be proactive and reactive appropriately—nothing surprises us.

At Woodall Batchelor, we can explain employee rights in the workplace, review proposed contracts that employees have been asked to sign, including non-competes, and help evaluate whether employers have violated the law. We also have experience representing executives and other high-level employees in wage payment litigation to recover unlawfully withheld severance pay, bonuses and commissions.


At Woodall Batchelor, we offer a personalized, small law firm experience, while providing the highest quality legal services for our clients.