Aug Aug 30, 2017

Trademarks for Your Company: Business Law

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At Woodall Batchelor PLLC, our business law attorneys can provide you with insight into how best to protect your company’s intellectual property. Today, intellectual property is often among the most valuable property that a company owns. It is vital that you understand the different kinds of protections that are available. It's also important that you follow the appropriate process for securing protection of your intellectual property as soon as you begin operations. In particular, [...]

Aug Aug 22, 2017

Subrogation: Most Common Mistakes

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Subrogation is the necessary evil of recovering as much of our insureds’ claim dollars as possible in order to help hold down insurance premiums and soften the blow a claim event might otherwise have on them. No industry is perfect, and insurance is no exception. Years of subrogation litigation experience has distilled a few of the most common mistakes that we see clients continuing to make when it comes to recognizing and acting on [...]

Aug Aug 16, 2017

Oil and Gas Law: Lease Bonus and Royalty Payments

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If you own oil and gas rights under a tract of land, you may receive an offer from someone wishing to lease those rights. This offer will often come from a company who is interested in drilling for oil or natural gas. This party is called the Lessee. In your lease offer, you will see several different numbers. Two of these numbers are the "bonus" and the "royalty." Our oil and gas law attorneys [...]

Aug Aug 10, 2017

Ethics Policies: Labor & Employment Law

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As business owners, you spend a substantial amount of time and resources selecting your employees; and you trust that your investment has generated an honest, hard-working group of people. So, who needs a policy on ethics? Your employees know right from wrong, don’t they? Ethics policies are more than sandbox rules known to every employee. Like a wellness program, an ethics program is a way of life that should be embodied in the operation [...]

Aug Aug 3, 2017

Real Estate Law: Purchasing Property in Texas

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At Woodall Batchelor PLLC, we understand that the conventional wisdom you commonly hear is that real property is a solid investment—after all, they aren’t making any more of it, and it’s often billed as “one of a kind.” Of course, just because the wisdom is conventional doesn’t mean it’s always correct. In actuality, there are a multitude of considerations that potential real property purchasers should take into account, and a careful review of these [...]