Oct Oct 31, 2017

Severance Agreements: Labor & Employment Law

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Termination from your employer can be an emotional and stressful event with potentially long-lasting impacts on your working career. Terminated employees are often required to sign a severance agreement, which is a contract between an employer and an employee that specifies the terms of an employment termination. At Woodall Batchelor PLLC, we're happy to walk you through this process to gain a clear understanding of the terms of a severance agreement. Severance Agreements Each [...]

Oct Oct 19, 2017

Easements in Real Estate Law

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In terms of real estate law concepts, easements is a topic that is difficult to find a consensus. To some, easements in real estate law are harmless items that can be ignored. To others, they are a fatal encumbrance on a piece of property, restricting its use and diminishing its value. While both opinions may be true depending on the circumstances, the fact is that easements generally fall somewhere in between those two extremes. To [...]

Oct Oct 17, 2017

OSHA Inspections: Construction Law

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As a contractor in the construction industry, OSHA inspections are a necessary evil. Imagine that an OSHA inspector just completed an inspection of your worksite. What steps should you take now? Allow our construction law team at Woodall Batchelor PLLC to walk you through the necessary steps. OSHA Inspections: How to handle these? First and foremost, you should always try to comply with posting regulations. Post a copy of the citation at or near the [...]