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Woodall Batchelor are business lawyers in The Woodlands, TX. We specialize in serving small to mid-size business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals, and corporations in The Woodlands and Houston, along with Montgomery and Harris Counties, and the surrounding areas throughout Texas. Our focus is placed on people and not cases. Whether you need our help to resolve a business law dispute, or you need us to help you with a real estate deal, or maybe you simply need us to help you get compensated by your employer after suffering an accident at work, whatever the case may be, you needs are what we’ll always put first. We are always thorough and dedicated when solving legal problems. Our lawyers will ensure that we find the perfect solution to your problem, while also ensuring that you are placed on the path to a clearer and better future. We look for creative ways to resolve a legal issue.

From routine contracts and document review, to broad corporate and partnership concerns, construction issues, real estate negotiations and transactions, labor and employment disputes, business acquisitions and mergers, insurance coverage and subrogation, and a number of other contractual matters, Woodall Batchelor is dedicated to providing a personalized approach for each of our clients.

Business Lawyers For Business Law and Contracts

woodall batchelor business lawyers contracts

In order to be successful in today’s business world, you need to have a solid and careful business plan. You can protect your bottom line while having a foothold in the marketplace if you understand how to minimize your taxes, insurance costs, and legal liabilities. This is why it is very beneficial to have business lawyers who are competent, talented, and creative representing your business.  Here at Woodall Batchelor, our business attorneys work hand-in-hand with you so as to understand your business and to further enhance your interests. Our lawyers will help you understand the risks, decide how to attain your goals, and ensure that you are on the best path to resolving your specific circumstance. We are also capable of guiding you through any form of dispute resolution procedures, including mediation, negotiation, litigation, and arbitration. Given the fact our business attorneys are knowledgeable about advanced topics and the different dispute resolution processes available, we can help you resolve almost any business issue.

Woodall Batchelor attorneys take a straightforward approach when we are dealing with contracts. First, we ensure that we understand your goals and your perspective about the contract. Then, we pinpoint the major issues concerning the contract and draw up negotiation strategies for you. Thirdly, we come up with an agreement draft that’s simple to read and understand, and also provide you with the pros and cons of each major factor. Our competent attorneys are experienced when it comes to drafting contracts. We are able to draft a wide variety of contracts, including investment agreements, vendor supplier agreements, employment and independent contractor agreements, non-disclosure agreements, IP licensing and assignment agreements, authorized reseller agreements, asset purchase agreements, loan agreements, and promissory notes.

Business Attorneys For Corporations, LLCs and Partnerships

There are many complex rules and regulations regarding legal and tax filings that needs to be addressed before you’ll be able to build a corporation, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), non-profit corporation, or any other legal entity. Our business attorneys at Woodall Batchelor PLLC can guide you through all of these rules and regulations ensuring that you understand every complicated process before embarking on any. We are capable of handling the preparation of your basic “Minute Book.” This book refers to something that contains by-laws, stock certificates, minutes, stock ledgers, operating agreements, resolutions, authenticity of records, and memorandum of recording. Additionally, our business lawyers are acquainted with the best procedures on how to choose the best tax company for your business. If real estate is what your business is all about, forming a partnership or a LLC might be the best option for you. If your business falls in the consultancy category, whether it’s a professional service or it’s in the manufacturing business, choosing a “C” corporation or a Subchapter “S” Corporation may be in your best interest.

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Tax entity decisions are considered to be a very important factor when starting out a business. Our business law attorneys are aware of this and can help you make meaningful decisions that will save you from spending thousands of unnecessary dollars on your business annually. Most of our startup clients in the corporate world seek the help and advice of the business law attorneys at Woodall Batchelor to form LLCs. Our attorneys help them draft and implement business governance agreements, shareholder agreements, and operating agreements that enables the selling and/or purchasing of stocks and assets.

Real Estate Law Attorneys

woodall batchelor real estate law

Our team of attorneys at Woodall Batchelor PLLC consider ourselves to be one of the most dominant and highly effective legal team when it comes to real estate law in The Woodlands. Our reputation as the most efficient, go-to resource for different clients, ranging from seasoned investors in commercial and residential property to first time buyers and sellers, is rock solid. We are known as the legal team who has only the best interests of their clients in mind. In order to provide you with the best real estate representation, we work with some complete are services using the best forms of client-service, including diligence, efficiency, prompt and clear communication, and cost-effectiveness. We are very familiar with the real estate market, the different financing options, and every process and strategy that actually matters to our clients. Our real estate attorneys have proven capabilities that covers different concerns that could come up in commercial and residential real estate transactions, including development contracts and commercial leases.

Woodall Batchelor has also represented sellers and buyers in real estate transactions, including multi-family investors and seasoned developers. No matter who you are or in what real estate investor category you may fall in, you’ll get the same customer experience and personal attention from Woodall Batchelor. Right from the initial discussions to the closing of the contracts, we guarantee that all your real estate transactions will be efficiently closed and without delay.

Construction Law Attorneys

Project disputes that are poorly managed in the construction industry puts the businesses involved at risk and also increase costs. Our team of construction attorneys have been protecting the rights of many individuals and businesses who are involved with the construction industry in the Woodlands. We have spent decades protecting the rights of construction industry clients in settings ranging from real estate closings and negotiations to litigation in both state and federal courts in Texas. As a result, our firm’s clients confidently rely on our experienced legal judgment with respect to a wide variety of legal matters, including trial, negotiation, litigation, mediation, contract drafting and review, and arbitration. The vast and deep experience we have garnered over the years provides our Woodall Batchelor construction attorneys with the ability to provide our construction clients with the best legal guidance in a wide variety of matters, including bond claims and mechanic’s liens.

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In doing so, we offer clients individually tailored representation with respect to a wide variety of legal proceedings. We help construction clients understand all of their available legal options. As a result, clients can choose from those options confidently, knowing that they have drawn on the experienced legal judgment of Texas construction law veterans.

Attorneys For Commercial Litigation

woodall batchelor business lawyers commercial litigation

Having a strategic and effective business plan does not mean your business is safe from all legal disputes. Should you happen to encounter or be in a dispute in Texas, come to our commercial litigation firm in The Woodlands. At Woodall Batchelor PLLC, we provide proficient and highly-efficient legal representation for every business type and all commercial litigation disputes. Litigation is often needed when conflicts reach an impasse. And for you to be able to protect your interests as well as your rights, you need a legal team that will provide you with knowledgeable counsel and take up the best legal action. Our Texas commercial litigation lawyers provide our clients with proficient and effective representations. Whether it’s at the mediation table or in the courtroom, we command respect and our reputation is rock-solid.

Looking at our firm as a whole, our strength as commercial litigation attorneys comes from our comprehensive representation of business law clients. We understand the challenges and weaknesses that are naturally associated with contracts due to the fact that we handle contract preparations and business transactions. Additionally, our lawyers also understand business structures as well as the personal risks you are prone to face based on the type of structure you select for your business.

Attorneys For Insurance Law and Subrogation

Many of the world’s biggest insurers and reinsurers rely on our professional subrogation attorneys at Woodall Batchelor for solutions to their high-value and complex subrogation claims. Our attorneys are prepared to review any claims that have to do with insurance law. Also, if you or your business are in The Woodlands or its nearby areas, or in the Lloyd’s of London Insurance Market, and you need high-quality first and third party defense coverage, our subrogation team is the right legal team to call on. We represent and advise a wide range of London Market insurers regarding their business lines, including casualty, property, directors and officers, financial and professional risks, marine and energy, cargo and specie, contingency, and many other insurance lines.

woodall batchelor insurance law subrogation

When it comes to handling your subrogation claims and insurance legal issues, our team of attorneys usually take a team-oriented approach. Your success is our success when it all comes down to it, and that is why we utilize prompt communication, accessibility, thorough preparation, and timeliness in order to successfully litigate and conduct collections on subrogation claims as well as other legal disputes our clients may be facing concerning insurance law. Through the vast amount of combined experience we have garnered for over four decades, Woodall Batchelor’s team of subrogation attorneys have successfully and aggressively confirmed the subrogation rights of our Texas insurers as well as our clients abroad.

Attorneys For Labor and Employment Law

woodall batchelor labor and employment law business attorneys

Our country’s workplace has undergone revolutionary change in recent years. The realities brought about by technological changes and innovations, global competition, and the dual-worker family have significantly changed the old assumptions of corporate continuity and career paths. Additionally, the laws and regulations imposed by the government on the employer-employee relationship also has a huge impact on the present state of the labor and employment market. For this reason, both public organizations and private companies need to have a competent legal team on their side to help them with counsels and advises so they are able to develop and preserve a workplace that’s productive and thriving. Here at Woodall Batchelor PLLC, our major aim is to help our clients attain and preserve their business objectives through the most efficient and cost-effective methods. We provide employers and employees with cost-efficient, aggressive, and effective representations, whether its protection of trade secrets, non-compete agreements, routine administrative claims, employment contracts, or complex class actions. Whatever the issue might be, be rest assured that you’ll get a professional representation.

We fully understand that responsive labor and employment representation demands a thorough and complete understanding of our client’s business, workplace culture, and individual personalities. Woodall Batchelor’s lawyers utilize experience, judgment, and wisdom to come up with different litigation methods that would meet the overall objectives of each client and positively impact the bottom line of the client’s litigation, workplace culture, and reputation.

Oil, Gas and Energy Law Attorneys

With the advent of new technologies that are making extraction from new and old wells increasingly cost-effective, energy, oil and gas across the United States has seen a tremendous surge in activity—and Texas is no exception. Our entire team at Woodall Batchelor has had the privilege of representing a broad array of clients across the industry and possesses an in-depth understanding of state and federal rules, regulations, laws, and policy trends. For instance, our attorneys have represented energy, oil and gas exploration and production companies in the development of various plays, with experience in evaluating lease and mineral interests, drafting agreements and contracts, disputes and negotiations, environmental permitting and compliance issues before state regulatory agencies, and health and safety compliance counseling. Energy, oil and gas law is a highly specialized legal field. You need an attorney who possesses extensive experience not only in energy, oil and gas law, but also real estate and business law.

woodall batchelor oil gas and energy law

We have more than 40 combined years of experience with energy, oil and gas law, including practice and trial experience in The Woodlands, Texas and surrounding cities. We can resolve issues ranging from energy, oil and gas title examinations to mineral rights laws. We also represent surface and subsurface owners in all matters associated with Texas energy laws and oil and gas regulations.


At Woodall Batchelor, we offer a personalized, small law firm experience, while providing the highest quality legal services for our clients.