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Woodall Batchelor are business lawyers in The Woodlands, TX. We specialize in serving small to mid-size business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals, and corporations in The Woodlands, Houston, Montgomery County, Harris County, and the surrounding areas throughout Texas. Our focus is on people, not cases. Whether you come to us for help resolving a business law dispute, getting compensation after an accident at work, or with a real estate deal— we will put your needs first. We take a holistic approach to legal problem solving, striving to find solutions that resolve your legal issue and place you on the path to a better future. When resolving your legal issue, we look for creative solutions. Our business lawyers look for the loophole—what everyone else is missing. By combining the tried and true with the innovative, we can build strategies that get the job done better and faster.

From routine contracts and document review, to real estate transactions, broad corporate and partnership concerns, construction issues, labor and employment disputes, business acquisitions and mergers, insurance coverage and subrogation, and a number of other contractual matters, Woodall Batchelor is dedicated to providing a personalized approach for each of our clients.

Business Lawyers For Business Law and Contracts

woodall batchelor business lawyers contracts

Today’s business world demands careful business planning. Understanding how to reduce taxes, legal liability, and insurance costs can strengthen your place in the marketplace while protecting your bottom line. It pays to have a talented and creative business lawyers representing your business. Our business lawyers at Woodall Batchelor work with you and your business to understand and advance your interests. We help you understand what is at stake, help you decide how to define your goals, and help you pursue the best path to a resolution in your specific circumstance. Our business lawyers can also guide you through all types of dispute resolution processes, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. Our knowledge of advanced business topics and dispute resolution procedures can help your business get a favorable resolution to almost any type of business matter. When it comes to contracts, our team at Woodall Batchelor takes a straightforward approach.

First, we work with you to understand your goals for the contract. Second, we highlight key issues or negotiation strategies for you. And third, we draft the agreement in plain language and provide comments on the pros and cons of key provisions. Our business lawyers have experience drafting an array of contracts, from employment and independent contractor agreements, IP licensing and assignment agreements, investment agreements, asset purchase agreements, vendor supplier agreements, authorized reseller agreements, loan agreements and promissory notes, non-disclosure agreements, and many more. At Woodall Batchelor PLLC, we understand that the goal of any business is to be successful; our business lawyers want to help your business achieve success and by doing so build a lifelong relationship with our firm.

Business Attorneys For Corporations, LLCs and Partnerships

Woodall Batchelor PLLC takes you through the complicated rules and regulations of the legal and tax filings needed to form a Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Partnership, Non-Profit Corporation or other legal entity. We prepare your basic Minute Book, which will include stock certificates, by-laws, operating agreements, minutes, resolutions, stock ledgers, memorandum of recording and authenticity of records. Moreover, our business lawyers are well versed in choosing the best tax entity for your business. If you are in the Real Estate business perhaps an LLC or partnership is best for your needs. If you are a consultant, in the manufacturing business or are in a professional service business a “C” Corporation or Subchapter “S” Corporation might be best for your particular situation. Our business lawyers understand that tax entity decisions are critical and can save you and your business thousands of dollars annually. Many of our corporate startup clients at Woodall Batchelor seek our advice and assistance to form LLCs.

woodall batchelor business lawyers corporations llc partnerships

We help them design and implement shareholder agreements, business governance agreements, operating agreements and contracts for purchasing and selling assets or stocks. Likewise, formation of a partnership involves creation and formalization of a partnership agreement. Our business lawyers help ensure that partners understand their rights and responsibilities. We guide partners who wish to sell out or buy another partner’s share in a business. Woodall Batchelor PLLC is prepared to advise corporate and partnership representatives on ways to protect interests, solidify contracts, avoid litigation and manage legal aspects of doing business overall.

Real Estate Law Attorneys

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Real estate law is one of the dominant focuses and premier pursuits for our legal team at Woodall Batchelor PLLC in The Woodlands. We have earned a reputation as a highly effective, go-to resource for clients ranging from first-time buyers and sellers to seasoned investors in residential and commercial property. Our credentials are strong and directly relevant for protection of your interests. We emphasize diligence, prompt and clear communication, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in all we do. Our real estate law attorneys know the market, financing options, processes and strategies that matter to our clients. Our proven capabilities cover a broad spectrum of residential real estate transactions and commercial concerns, including commercial leases and development contracts. We have years of experience representing residential and commercial property landlords, condominium and homeowner associations, land trusts, trustees, receivers, management companies and real estate developers in thousands of eviction cases and other real estate-related litigation in Texas and The Woodlands.

Woodall Batchelor has also represented sellers and buyers in real estate transactions, including multi-family investors and seasoned developers. No matter who the client may be, we will provide you with the same personal attention and experience, from contracting to closing, to guarantee that your real estate transaction is closed efficiently and without delay.

Construction Law Attorneys

The construction industry does not allow for poorly managed project disputes. A poorly managed dispute on a project increases costs and puts entire businesses at risk. For that reason, construction clients large and small, contractor and owner, turn to Woodall Batchelor PLLC when they need legal advice that is as cost-efficient as it is practically effective. We have spent decades protecting the rights of construction industry clients throughout The Woodlands in settings ranging from real estate closings and negotiations to litigation in both state and federal courts in Texas. As a result, our firm’s clients confidently rely on our experienced legal judgment with respect to a wide variety of legal matters, including negotiations, trial, mediation, arbitration, litigation, and contract drafting and review. The breadth and depth of our experience enables our attorneys at Woodall Batchelor to provide our firm’s construction clients with comprehensive legal guidance in any number of matters, including mechanics liens and bond claims.

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In doing so, we offer clients individually tailored representation with respect to a wide variety of legal proceedings. We help construction clients understand all of their available legal options. As a result, clients can choose from those options confidently, knowing that they have drawn on the experienced legal judgment of Texas construction law veterans.

Attorneys For Commercial Litigation

woodall batchelor business lawyers commercial litigation

Even the most effective and strategic business planning cannot protect a business from all disputes. When disputes arise, come to see us at Woodall Batchelor PLLC. We provide skilled legal representation for all types of business and commercial litigation matters. When conflicts reach an impasse, litigation is often required. Knowledgeable counsel is essential. To begin legal action geared to preserve your rights and protect your interests, it’s important to have our team on your side. Whether in the courtroom or at the mediation table, our Texas commercial litigation attorneys are respected for their skillful and effective representation. From breach of contract and commercial collections to shareholder and LLC member disputes, our attorneys at Woodall Batchelor have successfully prosecuted and defended claims of all sizes in Texas. We have extensive experience handling sophisticated business issues at trial, arbitration hearings and on appeal.

In large part, our strength as commercial litigation attorneys comes from our comprehensive representation of business law clients. Because we handle business transactions and contract preparation, we understand the weaknesses and challenges inherent in contracts. Because we help clients with new business formation, we fully understand business structures and the personal risks you may be facing, based upon the structure of your business.

Attorneys For Insurance Law and Subrogation

At Woodall Batchelor, our subrogation team frequently tackles the most complex and highest-value subrogation claims for many of the world’s largest insurers and reinsurers. Additionally, we’re happy to provide superior first and third party defense coverage in The Woodlands, Texas and the surrounding areas, as well as in Lloyd’s of London Insurance Market. We advise and represent a wide spectrum of London Market Insurers in lines of business including property, casualty, professional and financial risks, directors and officers, catastrophic loss, cargo and specie, marine and energy, contingency and other insurance lines. We always take a team-oriented approach in handling your insurance legal issues as well as all subrogation claims. With accessibility, timeliness, prompt communication and thorough preparation, our main interest in successfully litigating and collecting on subrogation claims and other legal issues dovetails with our clients—your success is our success.

woodall batchelor insurance law subrogation business lawyers

With over 40 years of combined experience, our team of attorneys at Woodall Batchelor have aggressively and successfully asserted the subrogation rights of insurers in Texas and abroad. We pride ourselves on our early and regular communication with clients regarding the status of the ongoing investigation, our theories of liability, our review of key documents, and our analysis of the relevant legal issues.

Attorneys For Labor and Employment Law

woodall batchelor labor and employment law business attorneys

Our country’s workplace has undergone revolutionary change in recent years.  Old assumptions about career paths and corporate continuity have been replaced by the realities of global competition, technological change and the dual-worker family. At the same time, governments have imposed a rapidly evolving array of laws and regulations that greatly impact the employer-employee relationship. As a result, both private companies and public bodies require competent outside counsel to assist them in developing and preserving a productive, thriving workplace. At Woodall Batchelor PLLC, our sole focus is to assist our clients in achieving and preserving their business objectives in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We seek to become a business partner, not just a service provider. From routine administrative claims and complex class action claims to non-compete agreements, protection of trade secrets, employment contracts and more, our experienced attorneys provide both employers and employees with aggressive, effective, and cost-efficient representation.

We fully understand that responsive labor and employment representation demands a thorough and complete understanding of our client’s business, workplace culture, and individual personalities. Our attorneys at Woodall Batchelor provide judgment, experience and wisdom to develop litigation strategies designed to meet our client’s overall business objectives and neutralize the impact of litigation to the client’s bottom line, reputation, and workplace culture.

Oil, Gas and Energy Law Attorneys

With the advent of new technologies that are making extraction from new and old wells increasingly cost-effective, energy, oil and gas across the United States has seen a tremendous surge in activity—and Texas is no exception.  Woodall Batchelor PLLC has represented a broad array of clients across the industry and possesses an in-depth understanding of state and federal rules, regulations, laws, and policy trends.  For instance, our attorneys have represented energy, oil and gas exploration and production companies in the development of various plays, with experience in evaluating lease and mineral interests, contract drafting, disputes and negotiations, environmental permitting and compliance issues before state regulatory agencies, and health and safety compliance counseling. Energy, oil and gas law is a highly specialized legal field. You need an attorney who possesses extensive experience not only in energy, oil and gas law, but also real estate and business law.

woodall batchelor oil gas and energy law

At Woodall Batchelor in The Woodlands, we have more than 40 combined years of experience with energy, oil and gas law, including practice and trial experience. We can resolve issues ranging from energy, oil and gas title examinations to mineral rights laws. We also represent surface and subsurface owners in all matters associated with Texas energy laws and oil and gas regulations.


At Woodall Batchelor, we offer a personalized, small law firm experience, while providing the highest quality legal services for our clients.