Aug Aug 30, 2017

Trademarks for Your Company: Business Law

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At Woodall Batchelor PLLC, our business law attorneys can provide you with insight into how best to protect your company’s intellectual property. Today, intellectual property is often among the most valuable property that a company owns. It is vital that you understand the different kinds of protections that are available. It's also important that you follow the appropriate process for securing protection of your intellectual property as soon as you begin operations. In particular, [...]

Jul Jul 20, 2017

M&A Process: Selling Your Business

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Most entrepreneurs and business owners understand that a primary goal for many, if not most, startups and tech companies is to eventually sell the company, even if the founders intend to remain with the company. It goes without saying that selling your company can result in an enormous payday and provide continued vitality for the company going forward. That said, it’s critical that owners/entrepreneurs comply with legal requirements and protect their legal interests throughout [...]

May May 31, 2017

How Can A Business Attorney Help You With Your Business

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Whether you are a Texas small business just getting started, or an established company with locations throughout the United States, it is important that you work with an attorney throughout the life of your business. At Woodall Batchelor PLLC, we’re happy to help cover some of the typical reasons entrepreneurs with new or established businesses should seek out a business attorney. First, a business attorney can help walk you through business formation and documentation. The [...]