Aug Aug 22, 2017

Subrogation: Most Common Mistakes

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Subrogation is the necessary evil of recovering as much of our insureds’ claim dollars as possible in order to help hold down insurance premiums and soften the blow a claim event might otherwise have on them. No industry is perfect, and insurance is no exception. Years of subrogation litigation experience has distilled a few of the most common mistakes that we see clients continuing to make when it comes to recognizing and acting on [...]

Jul Jul 13, 2017

Vacancy and Occupancy Clauses in Property Insurance

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At Woodall Batchelor PLLC, we work with many commercial property owners whose renter's insurance policies have a provision that excludes all coverage if a building is vacant for a certain amount of time. Unfortunately, many of those same policies fail to define “vacant” or ‘vacancy.” So what does that lead to? If you guessed litigation, you’re absolutely right. Let's review some of the key terms in vacancy and occupancy clauses in property insurance. The vacancy and [...]

Jun Jun 2, 2017

What is Large Loss Subrogation?

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Subrogation can have substantial impact on any potential compensation for your personal injury.  Subrogation enables your insurance provider (“insurer”) to recoup all money it was forced to pay because of the actions of a third party.  Thus, due to subrogation, individuals injured through no fault of their own are oftentimes still required to reimburse their insurer for any medical treatment stemming from these injuries.  An insurer can only subrogate if your plan contains provisions/language enabling it do [...]