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Woodall Batchelor are corporation and limited liability company (LLC) attorneys, along with partnerships, based in The Woodlands, Texas. We work with founders, owners and managers on the creation, organization and operation of business entities from their inception to the next generation. Focused on serving corporations, LLCs, and business partnerships, we are proud to serve The Woodlands, Houston, Montgomery County, Harris County, and other nearby communities, our team has over 40 years of combined knowledge and experience. The best form for doing business is an issue at the start, as well as throughout the life, of a business enterprise. Thus, at the outset, we help make sense of the business form options, whether unincorporated business, sole proprietorship, “S,” “C” or “professional” corporation, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership or limited liability company. Similarly, we help evaluate related subsidiary and domicile considerations. Then, periodically we assist clients in restructuring their organizations to reflect growth and change in their development. Call our attorneys for all your business formation needs.

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woodall batchelor corporation partnership llc attorneys

After the initial or new business form is selected, we help establish new entities through the preparation of appropriate documentation and filing of appropriate registrations. Because the formation of an entity is intended in part to shield owners, directors, officers and managers from personal liability for business activities, we assist entities in following the legal requirements to properly maintain their status, such as the filing of annual reports and preparation of corporate minutes. Our knowledge of corporation, partnership and LLC law at Woodall Batchelor covers any business that needs funds and other assets from time to time as it undertakes new projects and its sales or profitability fluctuates. Likewise, a profitable business may distribute earnings to its owners periodically. Accordingly, we assist in the legal steps of raising capital, borrowing money and issuing dividends. For example, our attorneys have the ability to help with stock purchases and negotiations, along with loan contracts. For any business entity that has more than one owner, an important issue is managing relationships between key shareholders, members or partners, including for issues such as the sale of equity interests to third parties, election of directors and making of major strategic decisions.

We work with businesses to put into place appropriate governance and control mechanisms, such as in a shareholder agreement, articles of incorporation and by-laws. For closely or privately held businesses, the fate of the enterprise when founders, key managers and owners approach retirement or new directions is of great importance. We also work with owners and managers to develop succession and transition plans, taking into account liquidity, continuity, tax and generational concerns.

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Most businesses in today’s world are engaged in mergers and acquisitions, otherwise known as “M&A,” or “divestitures.” The buying and selling of whole businesses, divisions, or subsidiaries is usually driven by succession issues or market changes. Here at Woodall Batchelor PLLC, we provide our clients with advises in every aspect of M&A. Merger and acquisition deals don’t happen overnight. Our attorneys strive to understand the long-term plan and vision of each client. Once we have a clear understanding of what you want, we’ll help you refine your strategies so as to ensure that you attain your goals. With our experience, we will help you determine the right deal structure while considering other important factors such as personnel, regulatory, account tax, and more.

Once we have successfully initiated the structure and strategy, the next thing is negotiations and contract drafting. Our attorneys will help you through the negotiation process and also ensure that all important contracts are drafted, including the initial NDA (non-disclosure agreements), asset purchase agreement, stock purchase agreement, and letter of intent to the respective merger.

woodall batchelor corporation partnership llc attorneys

We also help sellers in preparing and anticipating due diligence; a process which many long-term private companies can find very difficult to adjust to. Similarly, our attorneys help buyers in building and implementing the perfect due diligence program. If we detect an issue during due diligence, we swing straight into action by evaluating the significance of the threat and formulating a response that addresses the issue without jeopardizing the objective of our client. Our major goal is to ensure that there are no surprises once the closing has been conducted.


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One of the most important M&A concerns is the allocation of responsibility for environmental, employment, product liability, and other claims that were incurred during the events that happened before the closing of a deal. Additionally, the seller’s responsibility for the business’ condition and the condition of the assets being transferred usually requires a lot of work. In order not to incur years of contingent or potential liabilities when the sellers are about to retire, it is very important that one manages these post-closing risks. Our lawyers work with our clients on how to negotiate the perfect representations, indemnifications, and warranties for the allocation of such responsibility. Our team of attorneys at Woodall Batchelor PLLC is experienced in handling corporate, LLCs, partnership and general finance matters in The Woodlands and throughout the state of Texas. When necessary, we can even arrange for appropriate accountants, appraisers, brokers, consultants, inspectors, investment bankers and valuation experts to assist with your project.

We can guarantee that every transaction is a priority at Woodall Batchelor, and every transaction is handled with great detail, responsibility, and efficiency. All aspects of corporations, LLCs and partnership transactions are carefully reviewed and illustrated to the client, who is then guided through the process with as much—or as little—detail as requested, depending on the client’s own preference.

Working with our staff, we are vastly experienced when it comes to helping our clients with business forms, transferring, selling, or dissolving corporate and business entities. Since we are focused on the success of our clients’ businesses, we help closely held businesses organize shareholder buy-sell agreements so they can implement great plans for the future of their businesses. Many of our business clients also call on us to provide them with advises on numerous contractual matters including employment agreements, commercial leases, sales contracts and non-disclosure agreements.

Our expert attorneys help our clients, both buyers and sellers, through every process, right from the initial discussion and negotiations to the final closing. We do this by providing assistance with due diligence investigations on the strength and health of the business, providing drafts on stock purchase and asset purchase agreements, and drafting non-compete contracts and clauses. Every transactional, litigation, and regulatory compliance issue your new or existing business is facing can be fully resolved by our attorneys.


At Woodall Batchelor, we offer a personalized, small law firm experience, while providing the highest quality legal services for our clients.