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Woodall Batchelor are labor and employment attorneys in The Woodlands, Texas. We handle all areas of labor and employment-related litigation and transaction cases in The Woodlands, Houston, Montgomery County, Harris County, and other nearby areas. Our cases range from non-compete agreements, protection of trade secrets, and employment contacts to bonuses, commissions, executive termination and compensation, employment discrimination, employee fraud, non-qualified executive compensation plans, severance agreements, restrictive covenant agreements, to unpaid compensation.

Our labor and employment attorneys are experienced in arbitration, class actions, claims for injunctive and declaratory relief, and breach of contract. We have the ability to address the needs of each case, whether it involves negotiating complex settlements to avoid litigation or bringing the case to trial. For employees, losing your job can cause extreme financial and emotional hardships for you and your family. If you are an employer, costly lawsuits can cause significant business losses and damage your reputation.

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woodall batchelor labor and employment attorneys

Our labor and employment attorneys at Woodall Batchelor understand the serious consequences that employers and employees face in a shaky employment relationship. They can help prevent business losses or assist you recover various forms of relief, including obtaining severance agreements, changing the stated reason for separation from termination to resignation, get employers to agree not to contest unemployment benefits, and help clients secure monetary settlements. We have a comprehensive knowledge of labor and employment law issues because we represent both employees and employers. This knowledge helps us effectively represent our clients in negotiations or at trial. In the course of our labor and employment law practice in The Woodlands, Texas, we have handled many employment law matters. In some situations, departing employees might step out of line and leave with your trade secrets or other crucial information. They might violate the terms of restrictive covenants. That’s why you need labor and employment attorneys dedicated to protecting employers from the dangers of employee defection.

At Woodall Batchelor PLLC, we concentrate our practice on issues surrounding employee defection, employee recruitment, and trade secrets protection. As the economy becomes more technology-based and information-driven, and it becomes easier for departing employees to steal massive amounts of critical data on their way out the door, issues of trade secrets and unfair competition have become an increasingly important part of modern business.

Our team drafts restrictive covenant agreements and implement policies designed to protect your competitive assets. We counsel on the creation of company-wide programs to protect against the legal risks associated with employee defection and recruitment, and draft employment agreements and policies on a national basis. We have first-hand knowledge of how courts are interpreting and enforcing agreements during litigation, and consequently bring a practical and pragmatic eye to the drafting process. It’s important to understand that your company is at risk when it hires from competitors. You might wonder whether your new employee has a restrictive covenant and whether it is enforceable. You might be concerned that the new employee will bring along someone else’s trade secrets to your workplace. We can help assess exposure from a potential new hire and develop procedures to mitigate risks presented by hiring employees from competitors.

Labor And Employment Attorneys

Additionally, we litigate high-risk matters involving restrictive covenants and trade secrets issues across the stat of Texas, including covenants not to compete, non-solicitation agreements, unfair competition and employee raiding claims, duty of loyalty matters, and various statutory actions. These matters frequently include emergency applications for injunctive relief; we are accustomed to rapidly deploying to initiate or defend temporary restraining order actions in any location with little advance notice.

At Woodall Batchelor, the core of our labor and employment practice consists of negotiating terms and conditions of a bargaining agreement that do not disrupt your operations and priorities and that allow maximum employer discretion in all areas of your business.

woodall batchelor labor and employment attorneys

One of the most powerful tools we use to negotiate competitive wage scales is a comparative compensation analysis. Properly framing these issues is a delicate and subtle practice—more art than science, actually. It can have a tremendous effect on your final wage packages. We also provide practical guidance on the best practices to implement for maintaining positive employee relations, as well as proven recommendations to avoid labor problems from ever occurring.

After years of experience dealing we labor and employment law, we know that sometimes your company’s reputation is on the line—sometimes your whole company is. You’ll want effective and strong litigators by your side when you head to court, whether you’re defending a single plaintiff case or facing bet-the-company litigation. Our team of attorneys at Woodall Batchelor knows that sometimes a fight cannot be avoided. When it comes time to square off against an employee, a former worker, a competitor, or some other third party, we bring a strong team of litigators to zealously advocate on your behalf. We have achieved a string of great successes by employing creative, cost-effective, and cutting-edge tactics.


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At Woodall Batchelor, we provide effective advocacy and legal assistance in every aspect of labor and employment law, based on 40 years of combined experience in the forefront of this important area of law. Our team has seen it all and done it all, including litigating civil trials and appeals in both state and federal court systems, and representation before various local, state and federal administrative agencies. We have also counseled drafts or reviews of restrictive covenants and non-compete agreements between employees and employers. Many of our clients are executives and management-level employees, and we are sensitive to their unique positions and needs when negotiating severance agreements. We understand that no two clients are alike, and that’s why we chose to provide a personalized approach for each client we serve. When the stakes are highest, we’re at our best. When you call on us at Woodall Batchelor PLLC, you can feel confident that you have an experienced team at your side that you can trust when your company’s future is at stake.

Whether it is a string of damaging lawsuits, a claim of systemic discrimination, a complex piece of litigation, an invasive government investigation, or a massive class action hanging over your head, you’ll be comforted to know that our team is representing your interests.


At Woodall Batchelor, we offer a personalized, small law firm experience, while providing the highest quality legal services for our clients.